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    Therapy and Mindfulness

    for Teens and Adults


    Support in finding

    Balance, Clarity and Insight

  • Getting Started

    Reaching out for help and guidance is a big and courageous step.

    Do you want to experience more clarity and sense of calm in your life?


    Looking into therapy is the first step. It is often the step that you don't want to take.


    Maybe you're here due to constantly juggling the stress of your inner and outer world.


    It can be tough to navigate all of this on your own. You've probably tried.


    There is a part of you that knows that things are out of balance and that part of you is asking,


    Are you really happy staying where you are?


    I am here to work with you as you move towards looking at, and working through the challenges in your life.


    Together we can begin to examine the challenges of your inner world and outer environment, and move towards clearer perspective and balance in your life.


  • Therapy

      People seek therapy for a myriad of reasons. Perhaps you are looking for healing from past hurts and painful memories. Are you wanting to explore your feelings, beliefs, and behaviors in the hopes of understanding yourself better and gaining insight into your life?


      Whether you are a teen or an adult, everyday brings the challenges of relationships, transitions, responsibilities and opportunity.

      I know it can be tough to navigate all of this on your own.


      You can't easily change the world around you.


      What you can change is the way you relate to what's around you

      and how you relate to and take care of your self


      Depression, Anxiety, Grief and Loss, Adjustment


      No matter what obstacles you face or difficulties you are going through, I am here to work with you to find ways to transform, heal and find balance.


      Fees and Insurance


      I do not participate as an in-network therapist for insurance companies. However, as a licensed mental health professional, all services provided are reimbursable by insurance plans on an out-of-network basis. The amount of reimbursement varies from plan to plan, and it is suggested that you contact your insurance company to determine benefits.


      Each month I will provide you with a “superbill” which contains all of the necessary information that your insurance company may require to release your reimbursement.


      $185 per individual therapy session (45 minutes)

      $205 per initial intake session (60 minutes)

    • Mindfulness

        What is Mindfulness?


        Mindfulness is paying attention to the present moment with kindness,

        curiosity and non-judgment.

        You may be curious about mindfulness because you have heard it can bring you greater calm and ease in the midst of your busy life.

        Research on the impact of mindfulness has shown benefits including increased self-awareness, improved focus and impulse control, decreased stress and anxiety, skillful responses to difficult emotions and increased empathy.


        In the midst of your busy life it can be a challenge to find balance and peace of mind.

        As a therapist and mindfulness teacher, I provide you with the guidance and support needed to start, develop and maintain a daily mindfulness practice. There is no trick to practicing mindfulness. Anyone, at any age can do it.


        For two decades I have taught mindfulness to children, teens, school teachers and administrators. I have taught mindfulness to a wide range of groups including non-profits, corporations, nurses, therapists, retirees, and groups in Israel and the West Bank.



        Mindfulness Offerings​


        Individual sessions-

        I am available to support you with your mindfulness practice in-person, and by phone call, or video call. Whether you are a new or experienced practitioner, I can help you develop, maintain and expand your mindfulness practice.


        Group sessions and workshops

        For those wanting to bring mindfulness to your group or workplace. I offer tailor made workshops, day-long retreats, and weekly sessions.




        Day of Mindfulness 2019

        Washington, D.C.

      • Classes and Groups


        Pathways to Stillness: ONLINE---Half-Day Mindfulness Retreat

        Saturday, April 18, 2020--1:00pm to 5:00pm

        ----this retreat is being offered on a donation basis---

        ----Click below to Donate----(suggested donation $10--$45)----



        Everyday Mindfulness and Stress Management for TEENS --ONLINE (ages14-18)

        Sundays-Spring 2020- 4/12/20-- 6/21/20--4:00pm--5:00pm

        Circle Yoga, Washington D.C.




        Inward Bound Mindfulness Teen Retreat

        July 8--July 13, 2020

        Seven Oaks Retreat Center, Madison VA


      • About


        I'm a licensed clinical social worker in private practice in Tenleytown, NW Washington D.C. In my practice I have worked extensively with teens and adults around issues pertaining to depression, anxiety, anger/emotional management and grief and loss. I have over two decades of experience working with teens and over a decade experience working with adults in a variety of settings.

        No matter what your age, we all face challenges around the changing nature of our lives, relationships and the unexpected. I am here to help you as you navigate it all.


        As a therapist, my calm and welcoming presence provides clients with a secure and open environment in which to engage in therapy. I believe in partnering with clients to engage in exploring, and becoming more familiar with themselves, as well as the outer influences that affect their well being. In my work I draw from the best practices of Western Psychology blended with Mindfulness.


        In addition to being a therapist, I have been practicing mindfulness and meditation for over 20 years. I teach mindfulness to people of all ages in weekly groups, schools, workshops and on retreats. I also lead several weekly Mindfulness and Grief therapy groups for adults.  



        I hold a Masters in Social Work from The Catholic University of America,

        and a BA in Education from American University.

        I have completed trainings in Mindfulness, Meditation, Focusing Oriented Therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy and End of Life Care.



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